Who is RCI?

In case you don’t know who RCI is, let me tell you a bit about us and what we do.


RCI Insurance Group started as Cottom & Associates in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Michael Cottom in 1982. After several years of serving in the Tulsa area, Cottom & Associates moved to the suburb town of Claremore, Oklahoma. It was at this time that we rebranded Cottom & Associates by adding a dba, RCI Insurance Group.  RCI has been selling insurance to the Rogers County and surrounding areas ever since.


Hospitality insurance has been our specialty.  We are able to offer insurance serves to hotel and motel clients in almost all 50 states! But this is not all we do. RCI has many other types of insurance available.  Since RCI is an independent agent, we are able to represent many insurance companies, not just one.  Currently, we represent over 27 different companies. This insures that you as the client get the best available coverage and price.


If you’re looking for Oklahoma auto or Oklahoma home insurance, look no further. RCI has several agents dedicated to your personal insurance needs. They specialize in helping you find the best coverage for you and your loved ones. Plus, our agents will go over what coverages you currently have, what they mean, and make recommendations accordingly.  Not only do we have auto and home insurance, but we’ve also got boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, umbrella policies, and renters insurance.


If you would like to know more about what RCI has to offer, check out our website at

www.rci-ins.com. There you will find what different Oklahoma insurance options we offer and what will best fit your insurance needs.  Please visit our website and contact us with any insurance questions you may have.  It is our goal to help protect you and yours in case of a claim or disaster.  We want to make sure that you as the client are fully protected and covered. Insurance always stinks, until you need it. But that’s why we are here; we want to make insurance a non-hassle matter for you.


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