Christmas Tree Safety

With the holiday season fast approaching, many Rogers County homeowners and business owners are beginning the decorating process.  We’ve hung the stockings with care, hopefully we’ve started our shopping list, and finally we’ve set up the Christmas tree. Each of us has our own way of decorating our tree. Some use decorations made by their kids and others prefer a more traditional look, either way we’ve put time and effort into making our home or office look festive.

People either buy a real Christmas tree or purchase an artificial tree. Whichever category you fall into, we have a few tips that might help protect your Claremore business office or home.  If you buy a real tree, you’ve gone through the effort of picking out that perfect tree, taking it home, and decorating it. But then what? The best advice to offer is keep your tree adequately watered.  When a real tree gets too dry, the chances of it catching fire increase dramatically. A “wet tree” tends to resist ignition, thus keeping your office or home a little bit safer.  You never want to buy a live tree that is dry or dropping needles excessively. This means the tree is already dying and probably won’t make it to the holidays.

If you purchase an artificial tree, make sure it is labeled fire-retardant. Some of the older artificial trees are not and are at a higher risk of catching fire. How does a tree catch fire? Check your light strands. You never want to use strings of lights that are either worn out, frayed, or broken. But you especially don’t want to use strings of lights that have been manually spliced. This is just too dangerous. And try to avoid stringing more than three strands of lights together. Try using an extension cord. This is the safest way to use all those strands of lights. And finally, be sure to check the light strands. You don’t want them getting too hot. The strands should not even be warm to the touch.

When we decorate our Christmas tree, do we take all the right precautions? Each year we hear of someone in Claremore and Tulsa area whose tree caught fire and destroyed all their presents or burned their house down. It’s tragic. RCI Insurance does not want that to be you! We want to help you prevent that tragedy from happening to you or your loved ones.  We hope that some of these tips might help protect what you value most, whether it’s your home or business, your family & friends, or pets.

If RCI Insurance, located in Claremore Oklahoma, can help with any of your insurance needs. Please call us at 918-341-6081 or visit our website at


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