Get your car ready for Winter

Brrrrr! The cold weather that seems to just go on and on; it continues to hover over the Midwest states. Oklahoma is no exception. It seems every few days, we get more snow. Tulsa has managed to clear up the roads and highways, but in Claremore and further north, the ice and snow continue to linger.  It doesn’t matter how much work the city does, the snow and ice are still there!  That’s why RCI has found a few winter weather tips for you to use with some simple tricks and household items. Maybe these ideas will help you winterize your car this winter in Oklahoma.

Around Christmas, Northeast Oklahoma, and especially Rogers County, experienced blizzard like conditions. It was nice to have a white Christmas, but it seemed to put a damper on everyone’s plans. The cities’ employees got out in the cold weather and salted and sanded the streets. This was a great help with the roads, but it wreaked havoc  on our cars. The salt and sand can really affect your headlights. Next time the Rogers County areas get snow or ice, simply rub ordinary car wax on your car headlights. The car wax contains a special water resistant formula that will help prevent build up on the lights and will let you see better when you’re driving. Safety first!

Or how about when you wake up for work and you’re running late, only to go outside and realize that you have to scrape your windshield because there is frost on your windshield? This is extremely frustrating. The next frost that comes to Claremore, try spraying a vinegar mixture on your windshield the night before. Vinegar includes acetic acid. This acid raises the freezing point in water and prevents frost. Just mix three parts vinegar and one part water, put in a spray bottle, and spritz your windshield. What if you forget the night before? No worries just spray the frosted windshield and watch the frost melt away!

With all the snow and ice that Oklahoma gets, sometimes drivers get stuck. This is no fun and very frustrating. Don’t worry! Turn your car off, take your floor mats out of your car, and put the rubber side of the floor mat under the spinning tire. This will give your tire something to grip and you’ll be unstuck in no time. This is for those of us that forget to put kitty litter or sand in our cars. We usually have our floor mats in the car at all times.  These are just a few tips that might help make this winter a little less stressful. But remember to always drive carefully and to go a little slower on the roads.

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