Have You Had a WOW Experience?

Have a WOW Experience!

Does customer service really make that big of a difference? I would say YES, it definitely does.  If a potential client comes into your business and is met with terrible customer service, do you think that person will be back? Probably not, and that means that new business has just walked out your door never to return.  Bad customer service equals a big loss for your business.  But, what if that potential client has a “Wow” experience? Pretty sure, they would return to do to business with you and tell others about your work as well. What is better than clients referring other future clients?  Nothing, it’s the best kind of advertising!

You may be asking yourself, what is the “Wow” experience? I’ll tell you. Have you ever gone into a store, a restaurant, or an office and you were treated so well, all you had to say was “Wow”?  This is the facture we as business men and women should be striving for. The kind of customer service that speaks of what type of a business owner and employee we are. We want to tell a potential client that we conduct business in a professional and caring matter and that we care about them as a person, not just an account.  Your clients can tell the difference.

Now days, there is so much technology involved in our business interactions. We risk the chance of losing that personal touch with our customers. So every chance your employees have to show off their great customer service skills, it’s important they pass with flying colors.  With everything being automated, sometimes that caring tone can be lost in translation to our clients. But, we can take a few extra moments to let them know that we do care and want to make sure they have that “Wow” experience with our office.  A quick phone call to a client that goes above and beyond what is expected says that you are watching out for your clients. Or my personal favorite, a personalized and hand written note speaks volumes to a person. Your client will feel so special, they’ll want to tell other people of how much you care of about your clients. They’ll never want to leave your company. Build a relationship with your clients and potential clients; it’s the best form of customer service!

RCI Insurance, located in Claremore Oklahoma, can help with any of your Oklahoma insurance needs. Please call us at 918-341-6081 or visit our website at www.rci-ins.com


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