Is There a Flood Coming?

Will Rogers & Hwy 66 - Will Rogers Motel

As everyone is aware, Spring is quickly approaching. The sun is shining again, the birds are starting to mirgrate south, and soon the flowers will be in bloom.  But with this season, also comes plenty of rain.

If you’ve lived in the Claremore, Oklahoma area for very long, you know that the city’s streets tend to flood. Some areas are much worse. Last year, the street in front of our office, 9th Street, flooded and several cars were stuck.  Some of our employees had to help the driver and her child get out of the car because the water was so high.

Another employee has a creek that runs right behind his house. When we get heavy rains, that creek floods FAST.  His whole neighborhood is in jeapordy of being flooded.  This is why we try to stress the importance of Oklahoma Flood Insurance here at RCI Insurance.  There are times when your lienholder or mortgage company will require you to carry Flood Insurance on your home. This is because cities are mapped out in zones. The zones that are more likely to flood, are Zone A, less likely to flood are Zone B, and even less likely to flood are Zone C or X.  (You should check your flood zone when purchasing a new home!) If your home is in an area with high chances of flooding, your bank will want to protect their investment. And so should you.

Flood Insurance can be difficult to understand or start. But there are several ways you can invest in Oklahoma Flood Insurance. If you’re in the Rogers County area, of course, you can visit our office in Claremore. There is also the option of going on-line to www.FloodSmart.Gov.  This is the National Flood Insurance company. Even your agent (including our office) has to write a Flood policy through the National Flood Insurance provided by the government. There are not several companies that you can write Flood Insurance through like you can with your Oklahoma Auto or Home insurance policies. You can have your agent write the policy for you, but even they still have to write the policy through National Flood Insurance Company.

So if you’re in the market for Flood Insurance, give us a call at 918-341-6081 or visit our website at We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. And remember, Flood Insurance does not take effect immediately. Once you start your policy, it takes 30 days before your policy is active and you can turn in a claim!


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