Child Safety #1 Priority

See full size imageIn the news, there’s been a story about a young girl that went missing in Florida. The good news is that she was found recently and pretty much unharmed. However, it makes me wonder about the steps taken to find this little girl. Even though the search parties were successful, was there anything else that could’ve been done, either by the search parties or her family? I’m sure they did absolutely everything they possibly could have. But what could have been done prior to her missing? Could there have been something done?

With such a high risk to our children these days, there are several things we can do should something bad happen. One idea is to invest in a Child ID Kit. I found this website for these kits,, called National Child Identification Program.  This kit contains inkless fingerprinting, DNA swaps, and an ID card holder for the parent.  It also comes with instructions on how to properly take your child’s finger print and obtain a useable DNA swap.  Some of this may sound extreme. But when it comes to our kids, I’d rather be over extreme than under extreme.  

Another suggestion is to make sure you’ve always got a current photo of your child.   Should something happen to your child and you are separated, people will know exactly who to look for.  A photo with a clear picture facial picture is best, even if it is a candid shot.  This may sound like something every parent would have, but in the time of a crisis it’s hard to remember where that recent photo of little Timmy is saved.

But one of the most important lessons we can teach our kids is to NOT TALK TO STRANGERS! I’ve met kids who are friendly with every one; they’ve never met a stranger. This can be a great asset later on in life, but it can also make a parent very nervous too.  It can be hard to identify who a stranger is and who isn’t.  This is a good lesson to go over with your kids.  Teach your children how they should respond when a “stranger” is trying to talk to them or following them.

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