It’s Time for a Vacation!

With school coming to a close, yet again, everyone’s thoughts begin to turn to summertime and vacations. And we all know that vacations mean traveling and going somewhere new or visiting long distance relatives. When we come back from our vacations, we’re so worn out we almost need another vacation just to recover from our trip! It’s a vicious cycle. But we all love it. There’s something about getting out of town for a few days that just gives us that chance to rejuvenate and let go of all that stress that life brings us.

I personally love to travel. Meet new people, see new places, try new things, the list could go on. Fortunately I’ve never run into major troubles in my traveling experiences. But I’ve heard of some people getting injured, missing flights, losing luggage, getting sick, or getting robbed. Experiencing any of these traveling difficulties could ruin a vacation. But there is hope for a more secure trip.

RCI recently started offering travel insurance in our Claremore office. When you make your plans for your big family trip, there’s usually a lot of saving and time and even a little bit of stress that goes into it. And then there’s the concern of what happens if something goes wrong. That’s where the travel insurance comes in. You choose which package best suites you and your vacation, and you purchase the policy. It’s that easy.

The hardest part is choosing the best package. There’s an option for coverage while flying or an option covers delays or baggage loss, or medical coverage if you’re traveling out of the country. There is something for every traveler. Plus, it’s peace of mind. Knowing that if something did happen either on vacation or before, you would have some protection for you and your family.


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