Life is short, enjoy the ride!

Life seems so short. One minute we’re here. The next we’re not. As kids, we’re so anxious to grow up, but as adults time just seems to fly by. Suddenly we’re wondering where all the time went. And nothing makes us think more about our life and where we’re headed like the passing of a loved one.

You start to examine your own life and wonder what have I accomplished. When it’s my turn to go, will I be pleased with what I’ve used my life for or will I be full of regrets? How will my legacy affect my family?
These seem to be the most common thoughts when experiencing the loss of a loved one. We all reflect on our own lives and wonder if we’ve lived life to the fullest.

While we’re young, we think we’re invincible. There’s nothing that can stop us from going through life and enjoying the ride.

But we’re not invincible. Things happen and sometimes life is cut short. It’s wise to consider life insurance. Especially if you have a family you’re supporting or taking care of.

Anytime, I ask clients about life insurance, most just say yeah that’s a good idea but I don’t need it right now. I’m still young and healthy. It’s awkward to think about death and dying when you’re young (or feel young). But it’s not about you. It’s about taking care of those you will leave behind, whether it’s kids, spouse, elderly parents, or anyone that will be left picking up the pieces when you’re gone. That’s what Oklahoma life insurance does. It helps take care of your loved ones when you’re not there to take care of them.


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