Making an Unhappy Client Happy

Yes, I am one of those millions of people that does damage to my body by tanning every summer. I love it. A few years ago, I found this great tanning salon. Every time I go in there, all the employees are so nice. They have huge smiles on their faces. And they seem to really like being at work. Yesterday I went in for my tanning relaxation time and was standing in line next to another customer. She clearly was very upset. The tanning employee was trying to explain the situation, but this lady was not being helpful or polite at all. I could tell all parties involved were frustrated. This got me thinking. How do you handle an upset client and yet still solve the situation?
It’s always good to remember to not take what the upset client says personally. They are just frustrated and you are there, so you get the brunt of their anger. Whether you deserved it or not. And if you get upset and angry with the client, it just makes it worse. So keep your cool and stay calm.
Another good point to remember is to listen to what the customer is saying. Hear what they are saying, it might be something that can be solved easily. And if it isn’t, let them know what you’ll have to do to make things right with them. Always be upfront and honest with the client, even if you can’t help them at least they will know what’s going on and that the situation is being taken care of. But try to talk positively.
Angry clients and really make for a rough day. And how you handle the problem can make a big difference. Don’t give away your entire store just to make a client shut up. This will only tell the client that when they are rude and hateful, they can receive what they want. Bullies should never be rewarded. If the situation gets out of hand, don’t be afraid to get your supervisor. But try to handle the problem on your own first, and then if you can’t come to a solution ask for help.

You can’t please everyone. Some people you’ll make happy and some will just never be satisfied with anything you do for them. Just try to show respect to all your clients, happy and upset. When you’re happy and polite, it will affect all those around you. It’s hard to stay upset at someone who is polite and smiling!


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