Are You in Danger of having the Wrong Car Insurance? Part 1

Are You and Your Family In Danger Because of the WRONG CAR INSURANCE?
Part 1

Some of the saddest words I ever heard were: “I never thought it would happen to our family!” But bad things do happen to good people. And buying the “wrong” Oklahoma car insurance can put your family at risk. Now is the time to protect yourself – not after you wish you had done it before! Buying car insurance in OK is complicated. You can quickly buy it over the Internet at hundreds of websites, call an 800 number and buy directly from an insurance company, or you can call an insurance agent. Some people think car insurance is a commodity, where the only thing that matters is price. (That’s true – until you have a claim!). But this ‘quick and easy’ insurance shopping can be deceptive. You’re protecting your financial well being…and the choices you make could affect you for the rest of your life.

How Much Will It Cost?
With rising Oklahoma insurance rates, it’s tempting to shop around for the best price. Here are some important facts you should know about the cost of insurance today:
 No auto insurance company – no matter what it says in its ads – offers the lowest price for every driver in every location. They can’t make a profit doing that.
 Prices fluctuate. Sometimes companies ‘buy the market’ with low prices to gain new consumers…then their prices gradually – or not so gradually – sneak up.
 Every company has a slightly different appetite for the risks it wants to take on. Some insurers want only very good drivers who have no tickets and no accidents. Some companies, believe it or not, actually want bad drivers. Find the company that likes insuring motorists with your driving record.
 Sometimes “you get what you pay for.” The cheapest option may not provide you and your family with the best protection.

The best advice is talk to your insurance agent about what additional coverage you might need. For a free complete report, 11 Ways to Save Money On Your Auto Insurance, call 800-753-5797, or email:
RCI Insurance Group is located in Claremore, OK, and has dedicated auto insurance specialists to help you design the correct policy for your situation. You may contact RCI at Phone: (918) 341-6081. Fax: (918) 341-6088. Email: Website:


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