Are You in Danger of having the Wrong Car Insurance? Part 2

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

The truth is, you can buy a lot of Oklahoma auto insurance, or a little. Most states, more than 40, require you to have auto insurance. But they don’t require you to have much.

 In most states with mandatory auto insurance laws, the minimum liability provides 1) $25,000 for any person involved in an accident with you, 2) a maximum of $50,000 for all persons in the accident, and 3) $25,000 for damage to the other vehicle(s) involved. That’s not much. In fact, it’s next to nothing. How far do you think $25,000 will go if you total somebody’s $90,000 Jaguar? Not far enough! The rest of the cost comes directly out of your pocket!

Notice that mandatory auto insurance laws do not require you to buy coverage for your own car. Or coverage for your injuries. Or coverage if you are hit by someone who doesn’t have insurance. If you buy just the minimum coverage required by law, you are leaving your assets at considerable risk. Your car, obviously. And your home if you are at fault in an accident that causes serious injuries to the other parties, not to mention medical injuries to family and friends in your car when you have an accident with an uninsured motorist.

Other Coverage to Consider

Some things not ordinarily covered in your Oklahoma auto policy that you may want to add include:

 Towing coverage that pays the costs if your car needs to be transported after an accident. If you’re a member of an auto club, you don’t need this coverage.
 Rental reimbursement, which pays for a rental car you use while your vehicle is being repaired.
 Umbrella coverage, which picks up the tab when you run out of coverage in your basic policy.
 Special coverage if you drive a company car. Some policies don’t cover family members who drive the company car or accidents that take place when you use the car for pleasure instead of business.
 Special coverage if you use your personal car for business purposes. Does your teenager deliver pizza in your vehicle? You probably aren’t covered.

These are just a few of the pitfalls consumers can experience when buying auto insurance.

 The best advice is talk to your insurance agent about what additional coverage you might need. For a free complete report, 11 Ways to Save Money On Your Auto Insurance, call 800-753-5797, or email:

RCI Insurance Group is located in Claremore, OK. RCI has dedicated auto insurance specialists to help you design the correct policy for your situation. You may contact us at Phone: (918) 341-6081. Fax: (918) 341-6088. Email: Website:


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