The Hotel won against the Tornado

At RCI Insurance, we do more than just the usual Oklahoma auto and home insurance. Our main area of expertise is hotel insurance. And not just in Oklahoma, but all over the United States. Most of our hotel clients are in the five state area, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and Arkansas. In talking about interested claims, one of our hotel agents was telling me a crazy story about one of his clients.

Back in July of last year, Texas experienced some nasty weather. This included tornadoes and strong winds. And in the town of Childress, was no exception.

There’s a Days Inn hotel that we insure in Childress. It is located next to a Mexican restaurant. And beside that restaurant is another hotel, which we do NOT insure.

(If you look closely, in the background you can see the crane working on the hotel 2 doors down & the Mexican restaurant next door)

Anyway, that particular night there was a tornado that blew through town. Our clients’ hotel was damaged, the Mexican restaurant was not, and the other hotel was damaged… missing a roof in fact. That roof ended up in Days Inn’s indoor swimming pool.

Hot tub anyone? No? How about a little swim???

We even provide the outside tree for free!

The tornado that came through town that night, took the roof off the hotel two doors down, blew the roof over the Mexican Restaurant next door, and threw it into the indoor swimming pool at the Days Inn. At our hotel! It didn’t even have a reservation! The restaurant was not damaged from the flying roof at all. Totally missed it! And our hotel had more roof damage and part of the awning blown away. What a mess.

It’s crazy what tornadoes can do. Sometimes your property gets damaged & sometimes it gets skipped.


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