Visiting the Claremore Children’s Advocacy Center

The last few years, our office has been making donations to the William W. Barnes Children’s Advocacy Center in Claremore (their office is actually right down the street from us). By combining our 2010 “Just Keep Talking” referral program, our donations have been a big help to the CAC. For every referral that comes into our office, we donate $5 to the Advocacy Center.

So a few days ago, I stopped by the CAC’s new offices, was given a personal tour, and delivered an outstanding donation of $660 to the director, Holly Webb. Notice the hand prints on the wall. These prints were made by children the CAC has been able to help. Each child that comes through their office has the choice of putting their hand print on the walls of the Advocacy Center. The walls were covered in hand prints!

Holly and the other ladies, Bobbie Cary and Jodie Hunt, were so excited about the donation. Since they are a non-profit, their office runs on donations and volunteers. Otherwise, they would not be able to help the children of Rogers County like they do now. Thank you ladies for all you do for the children who can’t help themselves!


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