What You Should Know About Oklahoma Life Insurance

Life insurance is a sensitive topic for most, but is important to everyone. Most people that stop by our Claremore office don’t like discussing such a topic with me because they don’t want to talk about death. It is inevitable, so instead of thinking about death I try and tell them to think about taking care of their family that will still be here when they are gone.

Let’s focus on the importance having a life insurance policy. If you suffer a fatal car crash, can your spouse support the family on his or her own? If you were to pass away tomorrow, would the cost of your children’s college be covered, or would they have to sacrifice getting a higher education?

There are several types of Oklahoma life insurance available. One inexpensive way is to purchase term insurance. This allows you to pick the amount of coverage that would be needed and the amount of time it would be needed.

For example a young couple buys a house with a 30-year loan. They should purchase a 30-year term for each of them for the amount of the house. Once you are considered insurable you will have the option to convert your policy to another type at a later time. It is important to get life insurance when you are young and healthy. It is easier and cheaper to get.

Most of the time I do a quote on life insurance that ends up being a lot less than the client had originally thought. Oklahoma Life insurance is a very inexpensive way of protecting what matters most, your family.


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