Quotes on Oklahoma Flood Insurance Better Due to NFIP

In July, Oklahoma had some serious flooding. Especially in the Oklahoma City area. Tulsa and surrounding areas also had some minor flooding, but nothing like Oklahoma City. There was tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage in just a few days. It was very tragic.

A few weeks after this flooding took place, a lady called our office looking for a quote on Oklahoma Flood Insurance. She spoke with one of our agents who was able to put together a quote for her in under ten minutes. Her house had been damaged by the flooding and her Oklahoma home insurance policy did not cover flood damages. When she got the estimate for the repairs, it was going to cost her $35,000 out of her own pocket!

So she started calling agents looking for flood insurance. When our agent gave her the quote from the National Flood Insurance Program, she started to cry. Her premium for a year was only a little over $300. Why had no one bothered to tell her she needed flood insurance or how cheap it really is. Over and over she thanked our agent.

You don’t know how many times clients come into our office in Claremore, Oklahoma and tell us they don’t need flood insurance. They don’t live in a flood zone and the bank doesn’t require that coverage.

So why should they pay the extra money for something they don’t need. First of all, even people who don’t live in a flood zone should have flood insurance. And second, your home owner’s policy will not cover flooding. It’s a small price to pay to prevent paying for large flood damages out of your own pocket!


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