Oklahoma Road Signs: Yield

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get upset with fellow drivers who misunderstand the yield sign. Many times, drivers treat a yield sign as a stop sign.

So this got me thinking, maybe everyone doesn’t know the rules of the yield sign. In practical, behind-the-wheel terms, what does a yield sign mean and how do you respond? Some guidelines:

• If you are entering a larger road like a highway from a smaller street or ramp, expect to see a yield sign. Look for adequate space in your entry lane, remembering that the cars already on the highway are going faster than you.
• Do not enter the highway until you can do so without crowding other cars or making them get out of your way rapidly.
• Pedestrians in crosswalks ALWAYS have right-of-way. It’s the law whether you see a yield sign or not. And the presence of a yield sign may highlight previous accidents or near misses at that particular crosswalk.

In general, be aware of drivers who may ignore yield signs. When driving on an Oklahoma highway avoid driving in the lane closest to entry and exit ramps unless you’re taking the next exit. This makes it a little bit easier for another driver to merge onto the highway.
Some drivers may ignore the yield sign, and even those who pay attention may need more time than they anticipated to accelerate to highway speed.

So what does a yield sign mean? As with all traffic signs and lights, safety first. No matter how fast you need to get somewhere, caution should always be your watchword.

Yielding correctly can save your life and save you money on your Oklahoma Auto Insurance policy by preventing accidents when merging onto busy roads.


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