The Ever Changing Oklahoma Weather

Oklahoma weather is always changing. Will Rogers used to say “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait five minutes”. And it’s true. Whether is spring, summer, fall, or winter our weather is constantly changing.
In the next few weeks, Northeast Oklahoma is expecting an arctic blast. We all know that means low freezing temperatures and wind. Wind… the one constant in our ever changing weather. And with this arctic blast, it requires a little bit of preparation. If you’re an Oklahoma homeowner or a renter, you know about protecting your pipes so they don’t freeze or worse burst. As for your vehicle, you have to make sure you’ve winterized your car. This is very important, if you don’t protect your home or car you could end up stranded or paying for damages.
Soon we’ll be out of winter and looking into spring and summer. I personally can’t wait for warmer weather. And as we all know, Oklahoma spring and summer only mean thunderstorms, high heat temperatures, and tornadoes. According to the, Oklahoma had the third highest ever tornado count. This is amazing and scary at the same time. Weather has always fascinated me. And tornadoes are not excluded. The amount of wind all bundled into one area is a force not to be ignored. Thankfully, Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance does cover wind. This includes the many tornadoes that come across our great state.


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