Safety First, Candles Second

In Claremore, Oklahoma the current temperature is in the low twenties. However it feels much lower than that, considering the wind chill factor. Thankfully, we don’t have much longer of these subfreezing weather temperatures, but in the mean time we’re bringing out the space heaters, candles, and heating blankets. We’re all just trying to stay warm and sometimes that can cause problems.

Recently in Tulsa, an apartment caught fire during the early morning hours. No one was hurt, but an entire family is not without a home. This is sad. But what’s even sadder, is the authorities believe a candle started the fire. Now, who knows why it was burning at such an early hour, but all we know is the end result. A fire.

This could easily have been prevented if the family had used some simple candle safety tips. The first being never leave a burning candle unattended. This is easy to do. You light a candle in one room and then next thing you know you’re in another room and the candle gets knocked over and now you’ve got a fire in your home.

Or, how about the rule to never place a candle near something that can catch fire and away from children or pets. It only takes a few seconds for a fire to catch and minutes for it to get out of control, when a few simple candle rules could’ve saved you a disaster. In our January newsletter, we list several ways to prevent damages from your candles. And those damages could affect your Oklahoma Home Owners Policy or Oklahoma Renters Policy. If a fire damages your home, you have to turn in a claim. If too many people turn in claims, the premiums go up. Which no one wants!! So use wisdom when burning candles or using space heaters. Both can cause a lot of damage if not used or monitored properly.


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