What’s the difference in your insurance agent & mine?

I recently went to a seminar for Oklahoma Insurance agents. Throughout the seminar, it was often asked what makes your agency different. There was a survey done a few years ago about how people view certain careers. At the top of the worst list were car salesmen and insurance agents. Talk about a wakeup call. Why do people view our industry with such distain? Maybe it’s because we can appear to be more interested in cushioning our own back pocket instead of looking out for what is best for our clients.

This got me thinking about my office in Rogers County. Does our community really see us that way? Gosh, I sure hope not. But what sets up apart from everyone else in our industry? How can we prove that we are different and really do care about our clients? We can tell people we’re different all day long, but really the proof is in our actions.

Oklahoma Insurance can be difficult to navigate if you don’t know all the rules and regulations. Our agents are trained and familiar with the state’s guidelines. We have heard many times from new clients about how helpful our agents are. “They answered all my questions”, “They took the time to explain my coverages to me”, or “They were looking out for my best interest”. Hearing these from people that we’ve help is confirmation that we are different. As an independent agent, we aren’t working for the insurance company, we’re working for you. Next time you talk with your agent, make sure you know what other people are saying about them and make sure they are truly looking out for your best interest. Because isn’t that what insurance is suppose to do, help protect what is most important to you!


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