Health & Wellness at the Office

Over the last couple of years, our office has tried to incorporate a sense of wellness and health. And some employees have joined in and others have watched. As anyone who has worked in an office knows, sometimes you just can’t help but eat bad foods and drink that sugar filled drink. In sitting at a desk eight hours a day, we don’t always have that opportunity to burn off what we’ve consumed. As an office, we made the decision we were going to start making some changes in hopes to see that scale lower in number versus higher. Together we knew we could accomplish our goals.

It all started when our boss had a heart attack. We all sat around the conference room sick with fear and hoping he would be okay. He was and recuperated quickly. Before we knew it, he was back at the office in full swing. But it got us all thinking about our health. What ways could we help him & ourselves. The first step was cutting out the snacks we kept in the kitchen. This meant saying good bye to our chips, chocolate, candy, crackers and any other unhealthy snack foods (ok, we did keep the pop & coffee). On the plus side, it also helped with our Wal-mart bill… it helped A LOT! Each employee now brings their own snacks. It’s no longer a big temptation yelling at you from the kitchen every time you go to get a water bottle.

The second thing we started doing was going to the gym. There is a local gym in Claremore that offers corporate memberships, Access Fitness. One of our employees was currently working out there and suggested we all join. It was nice to get in the habit of going to the gym after work each day. Working off that stress that builds up is critical in wellness and health. Plus, it makes working out that much better when you have someone to go with and keep you accountable. Those of us that went to the gym, had the chance relax and build relationships outside of the office.

After working out at the gym for over a year, we thought about trying something new. Change the workout routine a bit. Currently we’re trying out some new kick boxing classes offered at a Martial Arts gym (also in Claremore), Beaven’s Martial Art. Since we’ve only gone to one class, I can’t tell you about our results. But I can say WOW! It’s definitely a work out. And it’s fun too. After a stressful day of working in insurance, it’s a great way to work out those frustrations on that punching bag!

When we exercise, we sleep better. When we sleep better, we wake up refreshed and ready to start the new day. When we wake up refreshed, we are able to do our job better and more efficiently. Find what works for you and your office and get started!! It’s never too late to start.


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