A Cyclists’ Dream

Tulsa Tough Cyclists 2011

This past weekend the St. Francis Tulsa Tough was the event to attend. With cyclists from all over, pro and non-pro enjoyed a great ride. There were different races ranging from 50 km, 100km, 100 mi, and 200 km. Almost 400 miles of Northeast Oklahoma were traveled by hundreds of cyclists. If the riders were really out to win big, they had a huge goal ahead of them. Two days of 100+ miles each day and finishing each day’s ride in under five hours! Whew…. talk about a ride. If they won, they could be crowned the King and Queen of the mountain. Aim big or go home, right?

If cycling is a hobby or your main form of exercise, you know that bicycles can be pretty expensive. These “toys” can cost anywhere from $100 or more at Wal-mart to a more high end range of $3,000- $5,000 for those serious cyclists out there. But did you know that you can insure your bike? I didn’t! After speaking with one of our agents about it, apparently a person can insure their wheels under their Oklahoma Homeowners policy. Same way a person would insure their high valued art, jewelry, or guns, they would insure their bicycle. You just have it listed specifically on your homeowner’s policy! Wow, who knew it would be that easy.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in 2009 a little over 183,000 bicycles were stolen. That’s a high number. And what if you have a fast bike for racing or triathlons? That bike and the wheels cost more than our first car cost some of us. You want to be sure to insure your bicycle in case something terrible did happen. For those of you that might own an expensive bike, talk to your insurance agent and have it listed on your policy. However, if your bike isn’t that expensive, just know that it is covered under your home insurance in Oklahoma under the personal property portion. Is your bicycle properly covered?


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