From the Agent’s Corner

Do You Have a Disaster Preparedness Plan?

As the deadliest US Tornado season in 75 years comes to an end (we hope), it begs the question: Would you be prepared and protected if you were in the path of one of these deadly storms? Tornados have been reported this year from California to Massachusetts, with billions of dollars in property damage and even worse, over 523 deaths.

Our neighbors a few miles north in Joplin took the worst hit, but Tuscaloosa, Alabama, El Reno – Piedmont area in Oklahoma, also suffered major damage and loss of lives as did many areas of our country.

We read accounts of bravery as mothers laid down their lives for children, business owners who ushered customers to safety, but were unable to escape the vicious storms themselves. Stories about incredible bravery and sacrifice abound in the aftermath of these storms.

The outpouring of love, prayers and compassion has been poured out to those most affected. The people of this great nation of ours have responded as only true Americans do. We have not heard of other countries sending funds to aid in the recovery as the United States does when other countries are affected by disasters.

Maybe our President, who has said that America is an arrogant Nation, has mistaken our national pride and goodwill for arrogance. I for one believe our United States of America is still the greatest and most benevolent nation in the world.

This still begs the question: Would you be prepared and protected if you were in the path of these deadly storms? What is your disaster plan? How would your home and/or auto insurance respond if they were totally (or partially) destroyed? Have you done an inventory of your personal property? Do you have receipts or records of your contents?

As much as we dislike the mention of life insurance, this is a good time to review your policies. Take some time to review your policies to be sure they will still accomplish the purpose for which you originally purchased them. Our families change, our businesses change and our objectives change.


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