Who Ya Gonna Call… Ghost Busters???

Parents, it’s that time of year again, to gear up and get those college kids into school.

Ahhh, to be the parent of a college student………

You know the all grown up, independent adult that is perfectly capable of making decisions without your advice. They magically obtained all the answers as soon as the clock struck midnight on their 18th birthday, and they just can’t wait to move out on their own. Well, their version of out on their own anyway.

They have spent the summer plotting and planning on where to go to school, what classes to take, and where to live; apartment vs. dorm…….hmmm decisions, decisions. And the winner is…….apartment, because that would be soooo cool dude. Yet, all these machinations didn’t really include a way to finance this little independent adventure.

Teenagers put little thought into declining job markets, rental lease agreements, security deposits, cost of furniture, monthly utility bills, grocery bills, etc. And they put even less thought into exactly how much of those expenses a part-time minimum wage job will actually pay for. Those things aren’t a reality………yet.

So, it’s the beginning of August, school starts in two weeks and the apartment hunting has begun but…………(drum roll please)…………..the landlord wants the first and last month’s rent in advance, the utility companies want a security deposit, no one has called back for a job interview, there’s no furniture to sit on and no plates to eat off of, heck, there’s not even any food to eat. Things just got very real!

We parents have just sat back and watched our omnipotent little teenagers plot and plan away, missing just about every detail in the book. What the kids don’t realize is that we have spent years getting ready for this moment. Savings plans for tuition and housing and stockpiling old furniture and household necessities. Here you go kids…..problem solved…..go get yourselves a higher education.

If only it ended there. After we get them all set up and safely tucked away at school, effectively depleting our savings accounts in the process, real life strikes again. It’s an unfortunate reality that college campuses and the surrounding housing complexes have some of the highest statistics for theft.

So, when someone breaks in while the kids are at that 9 p.m. freshman orientation class and cleans out just about everything in the apartment worth a dime because they were late for class and forgot to lock the door……….who are they gonna call?

I’ll be willing to bet you a Benjamin Franklin that it won’t be the Ghost Busters.

Mom and Dad, you’re up……again.

After depleting the savings account just getting them out the door, don’t get caught trying to finance their life lessons right along with their college education. A simple and inexpensive Oklahoma renter’s insurance policy will make sure that those stolen items are replaced without you having to take a second mortgage out on the house.

This policy will also cover anyone who may inadvertently get injured in the apartment during that ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ party that you told them sounded like fun but probably wasn’t the best idea.

Visit our website today and let us put together a policy that will protect your teenager’s as well as your pocket book.


2 thoughts on “Who Ya Gonna Call… Ghost Busters???

    • Byron,
      Great question! I know in the States, a student living in the dorms is covered under their parents’ homeowner’s policy up to a certain dollar amount. However, I am not familiar with the Canadian guidelines. I suggest you check with your homeowner’s agent to verify what her coverage limits are.
      Hope this helps!

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