OK Life Insurance + Adventure = Responsibly Irresponsible

Feelin’ like a Wild and Crazy Kinda Guy?

Has the pressures of the economy and everyday life got you feeling like it’s time to cut loose and just do something a little wild and crazy?

Well, I say……go for it. Live a little and play a lot!

Yes, I know….wholly unexpected words from your ever safety conscious insurance agent. But before you go and decide to try dolphin jockeying or something equally as bizarre, the ‘always have a plan’ part of me must have my say.

After all, being responsibly irresponsible is the only way to go. Even if you don’t have an urge to kick up your heals, an Oklahoma Life Insurance Policy is a pretty good idea for a lot of reasons.

There are a lot of people who rely on you. No pressure, I’m just saying……..what if something were to happen? Whether it be while you are out testing your superior athletic abilities or just one of those unexpected everyday things that went horribly wrong. An Oklahoma Life Insurance policy is not about protecting you while you’re out on your adventures, it’s about watching out for the people you love and will leave behind should something happen to you.

There are several options for life insurance. Term Life or Cash Value Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance. The policy you choose is up to you.

Term Life Insurance: provides coverage at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time, the relevant term. If the insured dies during the term, the death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary.

• Cash Value Life Insurance: insurance product that packages insurance and savings together. The amount paid to the beneficiary is the face value of the policy.

Whole Life Insurance: a life insurance policy that remains in force for the insured’s whole life. Premiums are usually paid annually into the policy.

Before going out on your next grand adventure, make sure you have the right life policy for you and your loved ones. Then go and have the time of your life! Have that new adventure to tell everyone about.

If you have questions about your Oklahoma Life Insurance, give us a call and one of our experienced agents can talk to you about your policy and what is best for you.


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