Dental Insurance, the Unwanted Policy in the Insurance World

Teeth are funny resilient little things. You can practically ignore them for years with just a little brushing here and a little flossing there. After all, making dentist appointments are a hassle, your schedule is plum full up, you have an innate, unreasonable fear of dentists, and………you cancelled that dental insurance policy because you haven’t used it in years. Waste of money right? Money that was needed elsewhere and besides, momma needed a new pair of shoes.

Not so fast cowboy.

It’s only a waste of money until that dull aching pain in your lower jaw starts. At first it’s just a little uncomfortable, nothing you can’t handle. Heck, you don’t really even notice during your busy day. It’s just those nights when you lay down in bed to catch some shut eye that gets a little achy. Even then it’s nothing that a couple of Advil won’t take care of.

A week or two flies by and that dull ache has become an all-day thing. Drinking an ice cold beverage is completely out of the question and the night time ache has become a night time lightning bolt that shoots from your jaw bone directly to the center of your brain. You know where I’m talking about……the section of the brain that makes rational decisions. That part is now completely occupied with futilely attempting to block out the intense pain.

While you were in denial that little cavity sandwiched between your back two molars that cost roughly $250 to fill and fit nowhere in the budget just turned into a full on root canal and crown that runs somewhere in the ball park of $2500. Ouch! (no pun intended).

It’s your choice……save a little now and pay a lot later or pay a little now and save a lot later.

Give us a call today to go over the many different Oklahoma dental insurance policies that are available. Don’t let that fear of not having insurance coverage keep you from going to the Dentist.

Convenient plans that will fit into your budget are out there and we know how to find them.


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