Who Let the Dogs Out?

Ok, I know kind of cheesy and so ten years ago but at the end of August the answer is going to be a resounding…………the Claremore Animal Shelter.

It’s the second annual DOG EXPO 2011 featuring the world famous Dock Dogs. The dedicated staff at the Claremore Animal Shelter has started a yearly tradition of celebrating man’s best friend.

One of the goals of the expo is to bring attention to local rescue organizations and celebrate our four legged best friends. We have all seen it, the stray dog wandering around hungry and alone, the litter of puppies dumped on the side of the road, or the unfriendly dog wandering around your home looking for food and scaring the kids.

Inside the city limits, you can call the City Animal Shelter but if you are located outside the city limits, there is really no one to call for help. Rogers County does not have an animal shelter. This problem is left to volunteer organizations dedicated to helping abandoned and abused animals. These organizations work off of money from their own pockets and donations.

They could sure use our support. After all, they are there for us when we need them.

Inside the Claremore city limits we have a wonderful shelter with a caring and dedicated staff. Unfortunately, there is limited room and resources so the shelter is forced to put down dogs who have not been adopted within a certain period of time. This is why it is so important that when you and your family decide to make a four legged addition to your household that you consider adopting an animal from the shelter instead of buying from a breeder. There are many wonderful animals available that just want to be loved.

The Shelter will have a booth on site with dogs available for adoption.

Other booths will feature local vendors specializing in dog products and organizations that provide special training for animals including the Dock Dogs, search and rescue, and stock and hunting dogs.

Vaccinations will be available on site by local veterinarians for a small fee and patrons are encouraged to bring along your own four legged friends (on a leash of course).

If you are considering adopting a pet, please come out and see what our local rescue organizations have to offer before you purchase from a breeder.

The expo will be held on Saturday August 27 and Sunday August 28 and activities will include:
• Dock Dogs
• Speed Retrieve Competition
• Oklahoma Stock Dog Demonstration
• Big Air WAVE Competition
• Ugliest Dog Contest
• Cutest Dog Outfit Contest
• Extreme Vertical Competition
• Oklahoma Stock Dog Herding Trials
• Rescue dogs showcase
• Dog Trick Demonstrations
• Vendor presentations


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