We are not the …

We are not the 15 minute guys… And I am PROUD of that

Written By: Chet Cottom


We have seen so many commercials about 15 minutes we will save you BIG money.  Stupid guys hitting cars with a sledgehammer saying we can save you BIG money.    Here is the problem with all of that (gimmick stuff) advertising. The BIG money isn’t what you pay for insurance, it is what your insurance protects.  Here is a news flash for most of the world…..  It may take more than 15 minutes to protect what you have worked a lifetime to build.

We have all been in situations where we tried to save money.  I try to save money on my groceries, on my utilities, and on my tires.  But I don’t buy the cheapest meat at the grocery store if it is spoiled, I don’t use an electric company that can’t run my air conditioner in the summer, and I don’t buy tires that are junk to put on my car that my family is riding in. Saving money is good.  Cheapest junk is not always best. When was the last time the doctor came into a room with bad news and you said, “I want the doctor that charges the least amount to work on me.”  When was the last time we said, “Any old lawyer will work for me, I don’t care”

RCI Insurance Group is not the 15 minute guys because we want to protect you, your family, and your assets, and not just in Claremore or Tulsa, but all over the state of Oklahoma and even some outside of the state.  We try to help you make great choices about insurance, and design a protection plan for you that helps when you really need insurance…. at CLAIM time.  We really want to help you with your auto, home, and/or business insurance, that is why we have a lot of different companies to look at, but bottom line, we may take more than 15 minutes and we may be a few dollars more, but when it comes to protecting your families future most people want the best team possible.


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