Don’t Forget To Safeguard Your Holiday Presents

Don’t Forget To Safeguard Your Holiday Presents 

Whether it’s the abundance of shopping or thieves channeling the Grinch, holiday season in the United States brings with it increased vehicle break-ins – especially at shopping malls around the country.  To make yours a positive holiday shopping experience, be sure to:

Keep all receipts in your wallet or purse.  Leaving the receipt in the bag makes it difficult for you to prove your purchase, and easy for thieves to return the items for cash.

Move your vehicle to another spot in the lot if you opt to drop off purchases to your vehicle at a midpoint in your shopping trip.  Onlookers will think that you have left the mall, and your vehicle will be less of a target.

Make sure your purchases are out of sight.  Keep them in your trunk or covered in the front or back seats.

Spread your shopping over several days.  You are away from your vehicle for a shorter period of time each day, and shopping becomes less stressful.

If you follow these simple suggestions, you could prevent having to turn in a claim on your auto insurance. At this time of year when money is tight and finances are not always readily available, no one wants to deal with a claim. Be safe and smart with your purchases and when you’re out shopping. Good luck shopping for those last minute gifts!


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