Oxygen Masks

Looking at the New Year is always a special time for me.  I enjoy setting goals and looking towards things that I can improve on and trying to find ways to do things better.  This year as I am going through the process I wanted to get my family and friends involved (because everyone knows those around you need to improve more than we do ourselves).

A picture came to my mind that I just could not block out.  “The Oxygen Mask on an airplane”!  Then it all came crashing down around me.  If I want to make my family, friends, clients, and associates better…….. the first thing I have to do is make myself better.  The instructions on the oxygen mask are pretty clear, “In case of emergency secure your oxygen mask then if you have children help secure theirs.”

So my goal this year is to put my oxygen mask on or to improve myself before I worry about other people’s improvements.   By making self-improvements, I will be able to better serve my clients at RCI Insurance Group, my family, and my community.  So if you have a specific area RCI needs to improve on in our service for you, here is an opportunity to voice it to me.  I already have some ideas but would value your input as well.  Give me a call (918-341-6081) or send me an email (ccottom@rci-insurance.com)and I will try to improve in the areas needed to make us a more trusted partner for you.


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