Smart Hiring Practices

Let’s say it’s time to hire a new employee for a pivotal position. (Yes, folks are still hiring, even in a shaky economy!) How do you proceed? Do you do everything possible to find the right person and—like a gardener transplanting a flower—help her get her roots firmly established in your organizational soil?


Too many leaders don’t. Maybe they hire a Negative Nelly because they’re dazzled by her employment pedigree. Or they’re so desperate to fill a vacancy that they take the first “warm body” that comes along. Or they find a great candidate but throw him in to sink or swim.


In tough economic times, you simply must have the right people in place. You must make good hiring decisions every time. That doesn’t just mean hiring smart, talented people. It means hiring smart, talented people who fit your company culture. And it means nurturing them once they’re on board.


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