How’s Your Customer Service?

When you’re shopping for Oklahoma Insurance, what is it that you look for? Is it price? Is it coverages? Or is it customer service? Lately I’ve been thinking about what customer service really looks like in our business world.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard about a business having such poor customer service that clients refuse to go back and they tell every person they know about their horrible experience. I don’t know about you, that is not the kind of referrals we want spread about our business.

In our office in the small town of Claremore, Oklahoma, I’ve had many opportunities to speak with clients. Sometimes it’s a good experience and some days I’m off my game and unfortunately the client is the one that suffers.  When I’m out and about I’ll hear an employee of a local department store on the phone with a client, frankly I’m appalled and I wonder how that employee still has a job.  How many times have our bad attitudes lost our business clientele?  Sometimes we may not even have a bad attitude, but the tone in our voice tells our clients something completely different than what our words are saying. While on the phone our clients cannot see our faces; they cannot tell that maybe we aren’t meaning to come across irritated or annoyed or rude.  But that is still the impression that is sent across to that client.

Or have you ever gone to a place of business and been turned away because the employee was too lazy to do their job? The attitude that is conveyed to that customer is that they don’t matter. Their business is not needed or important. Oh how wrong that is.  Our businesses need more clients, that is the only way can survive. The client is what keeps that business going.  If you’re in customer service, your ONE JOB is to serve the client. No matter how out of your way you have to go, your main goal is to make that client have what we like to call a “WOW” experience. A “WOW” experience is when you leave a place of business and you have such an awesome experience that you can’t wait to tell your family and friends about what an excellent job that business has done for you and how everyone needs to take their business to them.  We don’t seem to have many of those experiences anymore. Serving the client does not seem to be a top priority anymore. That’s just poor business management.

So how are your customer service skills? Is the customer your top priority? When you go into a business, as the client are you left with that “WOW” experience or do you wish the employee had gone a little bit further in your business dealings?


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