Why I Believe in Oklahoma Auto Insurance

If you’ve ever had car accident, you know about that sickening crunching sound that you hear for months after the accident. You go through the initial shock that something has just happened, and it may not be pretty. When you start to examine your car & the other party’s vehicle you see that either the damage is minimal or there’s significant damage. In both situations your stomach drops to your shoes. In most cases, your car insurance is immediately where your mind goes.


Recently I experienced firsthand what some of our clients experience and report to our office, a car accident. After making sure all parties involved were not harmed, I called my insurance company.  At that very moment, I was so happy that I had an Oklahoma Auto Insurance policy enforce for my vehicle.  The claims department was very kind and helpful, and he was very patient with me since I was still very shook up.  The only thing I kept thinking was how grateful I was that I had car insurance and that my coverages were adequate.


Insurance is there so when something like this happens, we have the comfort of knowing that we will be put back to where were before the incident occurred.  We hear many times how Oklahoma auto insurance is just so high. And maybe they’re right, but after this incident, I can guarantee that I will be an even bigger advocate for auto insurance.  I can only imagine how much worse this incident could have been if I did not have insurance. Hopefully I can help others avoid the mistake of not having insurance with my experience. If it’s the one form of insurance you can get, it’s worth it. Plus, it’s the law in Oklahoma.



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