Your Vote Can Help Oklahoma Insurance!


Did you ever wonder why Oklahoma insurance rates seem to be higher than other states?  I think one look at this map will give us a piece of the answer.  Not only do we seem to be a magnet for tornados but the high wind and hail storms seem to favor Oklahoma and especially Central and Northeast Oklahoma.

We do need to remember that the property side is only a portion of our insurance premiums.  Oklahoma General Liability and Oklahoma Workers Compensation rates have to be considered also.  And although we cannot do anything about the tornados in our area we do have an opportunity to have an effect on our Liability and Workers Comp rates.  The loudest voice we have is in the upcoming elections.  We should do our part to find out about the candidates and elect people that are in favor of helping businesses and are ready to work on tort reform.  If we could just eliminate ½ of the unfounded lawsuits we would begin to see a decrease in some of our insurance premiums.

So to sum it up:  Do your research and go vote!


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