In Case of an Auto Accident….

I have written many articles to try to inform people of what to do in the case of an automobile accident or wreck.  It is very important to get all the information and make sure the police are called and take pictures and everything that is listed on our brochure for this unfortunate occasion.  That being said I just want to tell you what happened in my world of reality when I was involved in a two car accident.

My GPS tells me to turn left my previous knowledge tells me to go straight my head and eyes look left to determine if that route is correct.  In that instant, I became a distracted driver.   When I look back forward there is a car in front of me that has stopped to make a left turn.  At the moment of impact everything sort of became a slow motion blur.  I remember my head hitting the windshield and my knees hitting something and most of all I remember a lot of immediate pain.

After a few minutes to get the cobwebs cleared from my head and to try to regain my wits, I have a wave of panic thinking I may have really hurt the person in front of me.  I had after all just been the cause of an impact at approximately 35 miles per hour.  We were both very lucky in the fact that although both cars were totaled, we walked away banged up, bruised, and very little blood but no hospital or ambulance involved.

What I didn’t think at this time was how much my insurance cost.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to know that I was covered the best I could possibly be and the peace of mind it brought to me knowing that my savings and retirement would not be sacrificed.  Today I was glad I paid more attention to how my Oklahoma Auto policy protected me instead of what the policy cost.

Last Item – We like to think it is our kids (and adults) with their phones, but it takes less to distract us than we think.  Why do you think there are so many accidents that happen at the scene of another accident?  Please make a conscience effort to remember that when you are driving a vehicle there is a lot of responsibility that goes along with that and it deserves our full attention.  Word from experience DISTRACTED DRIVING causes a lot of pain.

PS.  If you need a form that tells you exactly what to do in case of an accident contact our office at and we will send you one for free.


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