What’s it Worth?

Recently I was at home sick, stuck in front of the television all day watching MTV. In between my naps, I kept seeing frequent commercials from AT&T. These commercials were not about upgrading your data plan or the latest and greatest phone. They were about the severity of texting and driving. AT&T is a part of a new campaign called “TXTNG & DRIVNG…IT CAN WAIT”.  If you have not witnessed one of these ads, I encourage you to go to YouTube and watch this video which is the documentary version (about ten minutes long) of the series of commercials. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DebhWD6ljZs&feature=player_embedded

One of the stories in this video is being told by the victim’s sister. This was extremely relatable to me because I only have one sibling, my younger sister. Seeing what the girl in the video went through made me think about my sister. The thought of losing her makes me sick. Knowing that she often texts and drives this was a very real and huge reality check. One short, quick, silly text message could take her life forever! In the video you will see the text messages that killed these people were not urgent or even that important. They were quick and easy, like “lol”, “where r u” and “yea”. These simple text messages distracting a driver for seconds at a time, took their lives

Another powerful story in the video is told by a young college student who was texting and driving. He was distracted and hit a bicyclist. He tells the story about “texting and driving like he always does, looking up every couple seconds”. He talks about hearing a scream and getting out of his car to find a man without a pulse in front of his car. He then goes on to tell how people at his college recognized him because of this accident. How he has dealt with depression so bad that he has to be hospitalized. Just like drinking and driving, when you are texting and driving you are not only jeopardizing your own life but the lives of other innocent people.

According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute in 2009, “Studies show that you are 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident when texting and driving.” Just remember to always pay attention to the road while driving, obey traffic laws and don’t let cell phone, the radio, or others in the vehicle distract you.



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