Fireworks in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Each year, the Fourth of July rolls around and I look forward to it every year. It’s not just about spending time with family and friends, enjoying the hot weather of July, or grilling out and eating some good American food (or in our case, ordering some pizza), or even watching an amazing fireworks show or two.  It’s a chance to celebrate our nation, the great United States of America, and our freedom.  Every time I hear our national anthem, I get goosebumps. I realize what those before us and those right now have had to sacrifice so we could become “one nation under God.” It’s a humbling moment for me.

This year, we enjoyed several fireworks shows, Rockets Over Rhema in Broken Arrow on Sunday, the Kiefer Fireworks Show in the small town of Kiefer, Oklahoma on Tuesday, and my personal favorite,  2012 ONEOK FreedomFest in Tulsa on Wednesday.  Each show was amazing, but there is something about going to Riverside and watching a spectacular show (minus the awful year they caught fire and there was no show at all). I love it! The grand finale was absolutely breathetaking. If you missed the FreedomFest show or would like to see it for yourself, click here.

Too many times, I think we (myself included) take for granted all the wonderful things and opportunities we have in America.  Yes, our nation is slowing making a comeback from an economy slump, but take into a count what you do have. Be grateful for the little things, the small things that can get over looked. Why focus on what you don’t have, you’ll end up missing out what you do have.

Fires can happen quickly and without notice. However, sometimes lighting some amazing fireworks can help that fire get started just a little bit quicker. There were many fires in our area last night. The Tulsa Fire Department was definitely busy! I’m sure there were people that witnessed fires in their neighborhood, their backyard, or even their home. Tragedy may have struck their home, and I just  hope they had an Oklahoma Homeowner’s policy to help cover their expenses and loss. And God forbid, if someone was injured while shooting off fireworks, my first thought is did they have a Health Insurance policy in place in case of an injury? Maybe other people don’t think those questions; maybe I do because I’ve worked in insurance for many years. Either way, I hope this morning starts the day with people getting restored back to where they were before the loss occurred. And it begins with having the right insurance in place long before an incident happens.


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