Oklahoma City…Yeah I’ve Heard of It

By now almost everyone has heard of the town Oklahoma City and their NBA finalist team The Oklahoma City Thunder. Before the Oklahoma City Thunder made it to the NBA Playoffs most people had only heard of Oklahoma City in elementary while learning their states capitals. And probably had no desire of ever going to visit the capital of Oklahoma.

I recently read an article in the NewsOK “Oklahoma City basked in exposure, cash during Thunder’s NBA Finals run”. This article was about the financial impact and exposure impact that The NBA Finals and The Oklahoma City Thunder brought to OKC. The NBA Finals were broadcast in 215 countries, in 47 languages, and there were 20,000 visitors to Oklahoma City during the 2012 playoffs.

During Playoff games at The Chesapeake Energy Arena Thunder fans were spending on average 1,000 dollars per minute on concessions alone, that is a lot of snacks! This is fantastic for the city because sixty percent of the concession profit is kept by the arena and the city.

All of this exposure means great things for Oklahoma as a whole because when people come to see games, local businesses reap the benefits of new customers and profits. Restaurants and hotels also get an increase in business and recognition from fans who have traveled long distances to cheer on their team. Our agency has many hotel clients in the Oklahoma City area that are apart of our National Hotel Program and saw the benefits of a team like the Thunder can bring.

To learn more about the National Hotel Insurance Program visit our website: http://www.rci-ins.com/Insurance-Solutions/Business-Insurance/Hotels-NHIP/





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