Insurance for Your Vacation

Summertime is definitely here.  We all know what that means, VACATION TIME!!!  All our employees at RCI Insurance have been using their vacation time.  Everyone in our office knows the great feeling of leaving everything behind for a little fun vacation.  Of course, we come back to the office needing a vacation from our vacation!

Now the kids are out of school, the weather is particularly warm (especially in the South), and families all around America are looking for a break from their very day lives.  Planning a vacation can be exciting and fun, but have you ever thought about getting insurance for your vacation plans?

When planning that family vacation to Disney World, you’re booking flights, hotels, tickets for special events, planning what to pack and what isn’t necessary (Wives, if your husbands try to tell you those ten pairs of shoes aren’t necessary,  don’t believe them. They are very much needed!!).  What do you do if your flights are cancelled and you can’t get another flight out, or your bags are stolen while in Florida, or there is an unexpected trip to the emergency room with one of your kids?

Or what if that cruise vacation you’ve been planning for a year,  is cancelled the day you’re supposed to board the boat, what do you do about the money you’ve spent on this grand vacation?

Let’s say you’re headed to beautiful Paris, France in Europe, and your passport and all your money and credit cards are stolen (this actually happened to my brother!). Now you’ve lost all your money. Sure, it’s not too difficult to get a Western Union transfer, but what about that money that was stolen from you? Could it possibly be covered?

The answer for each of these scenarios is travel insurance.  Travel Insurance can help cover all these possible dangers and more.  The best part is there are several different types of packages you can get from Platinum to Gold to Silver or you can build your own policy. Most of the time, people are just going to blow off travel insurance. But what if that one time you need it, you passed up the opportunity to check into that little extra coverage.  It would certainly help a ruined vacation not to become devastating to you and your family.


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