Do you have an Oklahoma Renter’s Policy?

A survey taken by Allstate found that less than fifty percent of renters have a renter’s insurance policy. First let me start by informing you what a typical Oklahoma Renter’s Insurance policy covers. Most importantly it covers your personal possessions for common causes of loss; this would be loss due to fire, smoke, theft, vandalism and water damage. Examples of typical personal possessions are but not limited to: electronics, clothes, furniture all of the assets that you have worked so hard for. A renter’s policy would also cover additional living expresses related to making other living arrangements, medical expenses for treating people injured on your premises as well as unfortunate lawsuits.

The most common mistake made by renters is assuming that their landlords home insurance will cover their assets in the case of a loss. The landlord’s policy will only cover the physical structure of the rental property. It is up to the renter to insure their  belongings. Here at RCI Insurance we have many carriers who will bundle your auto policy with a renters policy at very low rates making insurning your belongings easy and affordable. For a FREE QUOTE please visit our website:


PS- We suggest renter’s and homeowner’s alike, either take pictures or video all their possessions. Store the pictures or film in a fire and water proof location. This will be very helpful in the case of a crisis. You’ll be able to show the insurance company what you had without trying to remember it on your own.


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