RCI gets a building facelift

Many of you may not have known or remembered what our office used to look like. The brief history of the building is it has been around our small town of Claremore, Oklahoma for as long as I can remember and longer.  Just a few of its past residents included a computer store, a t-shirt shop, and right before we purchased it, a beauty shop.  Now a thriving insurance business resides inside these four walls.

Since we’ve purchased the building in 2004, most of the renovations have been done on the inside.  Recently though, we decided enough was enough and it was time to give our office a little TLC. Before we started renovations on the outside, this is what our office looked like, old worn down and quite a bit of chipped paint. Our building had definitely seen better days.

Before Picture

Once we figured out what colors we wanted to paint, it was a matter of finding the right team to paint. Anyone who has ever painted knows what a trial it is to pick out paint. You never know if the color on the paint stick will be the color that comes across once it’s on the wall or in the sun light for that matter.

The guys got started taping off windows and doors.  They were even extra careful with our plants and bushes! Don’t you just love hydrangea bushes? They’re my favorite!

Windows & Doors being taped off

Once everything was taped off, the painting began. And it went on, and on, and on for about three or four days.  And wouldn’t you know it; we were in the middle of a heat wave, so the temperatures were well over 100 degrees that week.  I will never know how those guys painted in that heat.  I personally would have passed out and then said I’m leaving on vacation; I’ll come back in September.

After about a week of taping, repairing, and painting, and painting some more, the building was finally done. And boy did it look great. Our front door is now a beautiful red color (instead of a burnt maroon that was used to cover up a bright pink from the beauty shop days) that complements our chocolate brown and edging and a soft lighter mocha color. Now our building looks pretty snazzy. 🙂

The Final Product

For more photos on our “Building Facelift”, click here.


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