The Itsy Bitsy Spider….

Spiders are everywhere! Our no winter and extremely warm summer have made the spiders a serious matter of concern this year. Brown recluse spiders are definitely not what I would want to find anywhere inside my home.  Unfortunately, they’re finding new places to find water and rest. According to a local news station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, these eight-legged creatures are finding a new spot to hide out, the bathroom.  The porcelain throne is a cool place and spiders can actually get a drink of water from it.

Spider bites can be very dangerous if not caught right away or many bites on your body or you have a serious reaction to their venom.  Especially brown recluse spiders, their poison has been known to cause skin irritation, possible disfigurement, or in extreme rare cases they can cause death.  YIKES! I thought I’d spare you and not post pictures of these bites. Since I have a weak stomach, I don’t want to look at these pictures and figure out which are not too graphic yet still show the dangers of these bites.  (I’m sure you can find some pictures on-line if you really wanted to see the aftermath of a brown recluse spider bite. It’s not pretty.)

One year, we did have a claim turned in regarding brown recluse bites.  A man had been hired to work for a hotel. In exchange for part of his pay, he was given free room and board. However, there was a nest of brown recluse spiders that also resided in that same room. Needless to say, the man had several bites and the medical bills were outrageous! The pictures were just awful.

It would definitely be a plus to have an Oklahoma Health Insurance policy should you find a spider bite on you or one of your family members.  Doctor visits, ER visits, antibiotics, or any other health related issues that may arise from a spider bite can get quite expensive. You can find some financial relief with having the right health insurance in place before something like this happened.


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