Win for YOU & Your School

Everyone likes FREE money. Especially when their bills are coming due.  So RCI has decided to add a helping hand. We’ve got a new promotion going for everyone with insurance (and not just with our agency, any agency!).

On September 1, Oklahoma University (OU) has it’s first game of the season against the University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP) at 8:30pm (CST). I don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited football season is just around the corner. Here’s the deal, if the opening kick-off is returned for a touchdown, 25 people will be drawn to win up to $1000 towards their insurance bill AND another $1000 will go to the school of their choice. WOW, you win and your school wins! What an offer.

All it requires is three easy steps:

1. Like us on Facebook at RCI Insurance

2. E-mail us your contact information to

3. Watch the first part of the game to see if YOU AND YOUR SCHOOL could be a winner

If the kick-off is returned for a touchdown, 25 people will be contacted by our office the following Tuesday (since Monday will be a holiday) to tell them they’ve won! We hope it could be you!!

Rules & Regulations for OU vs UTEP Game

  • A “Kick Off” is defined as: A place kick or drop kick that starts each half and extra period and follows each extra point attempt to field goal.
  • Current or former employees, family members, agents, successors, or assignees of the client or any promotional agency involved with this promotion shall be INELIGIBLE to participate.
  • A minimum of two RCI Employees will supervise the event and are responsible for the contestants understanding of the terms and conditions of this promotion.
  • In order to qualify for prize reimbursement, a member of the Receiving team must return an eligible Kick Off at the start of the game. The ONLY Kick off eligible for this promotion is the opening Kick off.
  • A Kick off returned for a touchdown must be scored as such in the official box score. A Kick off returned for a touchdown and nullified by a penalty is ineligible and will not be considered for prize reimbursement.
  • The eligibility of any Kick off returned for a touchdown is subject to the NFHS, NCAA, and/or NFL rules of football.
  • Winners will be notified by telephone on Tuesday, September 4th.
  • Winners will be drawn from following rules: Like RCI Insurance on Facebook AND e-mail with contact information.
  • Winners may present a copy of their current and unpaid insurance bill. RCI Insurance will pay up to $1000 towards that bill only (only eligible for one bill to be paid).
  • Winners will also notify RCI Insurance which school they wish to have the other $1000 donated.
  • RCI Insurance will not use the contact information submitted for this promotion as a way to sell you insurance.
  • Must be over 18 to participate in promotion
  • You do not have to be a client to win
  • RCI Insurance is not responsible if the law says you can’t win due to age or anything else.

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