Why I Like My Teacher

Do you remember being in elementary, middle school, and high school? Gosh, I do.  One of the few decent memories involves one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Wofford. He taught my favorite subject, English, and he taught it very well. In fact, he was so good, when I started college a couple years later, Comp 1 (the first English/writing class freshman take) was a review of what I had learned from him. Needless to say, it was difficult to go to class those mornings.

Students are with their teachers six to eight hours for five days a week. Sometimes, those kids are around their teachers more than their own parents. What kind of an impact are they making on our kids? Hopefully it’s a good impression.

All those teachers that seem to go unappreciated or underappreciated, we want to say thank you for all you do for our kids and for this country’s future generations. That’s why RCI Insurance started a program called “Why I Like My Teacher”. It’s a contest for all Rogers County schools and their students to tell us why their teacher is the greatest and the best.  This will be our third annual year of this contest. Let me just tell you, we’ve gotten some amazing essays about teachers. It’s exciting to see how our teachers are making such a huge difference in their students’ lives. You can see some of the winners on our Facebook page.

In our contest, every month two teachers are selected from the essays to receive $50 Visa gift cards. At the end of the year and again at the end of the school year, a student is drawn from all the submitted essays to win a grand prize. They get to choose from some really cool prizes, like a Wii, PlayStation, IPod, or a Blu-ray Player. The best part is seeing each month those selected teachers and how happy and pleased they are with their students. Not just because they won $50, but because their students love them and appreciate what they are doing in their lives and how they are involved in their lives. It’s definitely a thrill to watch.


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