Never Forget

Eleven years ago, the United States was waking up to a new reality. Terrorists had attacked us on American soil. We were hurting, mourning, and furious.  As a nation, we were left reeling in the fact that WE had been attacked.  It still didn’t seem real.  Sadly, this was our new world.

I remember exactly where I was the minute the Twin Towers collapsed. It was a site that I will never forget.  I was getting ready for my college class and my mom told me that two planes had flown into the towers. She and I could not stop watching the t.v. We feared the ultimate reality. My young mind could not wrap around what was happening. Why it was happening? What about all those people on those planes, in those towers, and around the buildings outside?  When our world as we know it stopped, and we watched in horror as the buildings crumpled to the ground, all my thoughts froze.

Now it’s eleven years later.  I haven’t forgotten all those emotions that came rushing through me on that fateful morning.  Anytime I see pictures from that day, I’m reminded.  Every year on September 11th, I’m reminded. Stories that are told about 9/11 or books that are published or even movies that tell about it, I’m reminded about how I felt that morning.

We must never forget. Never forget that day. Never forget those people that lost their lives. Never forget the men and women rescue workers that worked tirelessly that day and many more days to follow and how many of them paid the highest price with their lives. Never forget the men and women who joined our military in response to this attack. Never forget that even though our nation took a heavy blow that day, we united together we are and still standing strong.  For that, I am forever grateful to be an American.  United we stand.

I will never forget.


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