Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability

In Oklahoma, businesses sometimes need additional business insurance to go with their policies. One of those coverages, would be hired and non-owned auto liability. Hired and non-owned auto liability coverage provides bodily injury and property damage coverage for rented and non-owned vehicles and commercial vehicles used by employees for use in the business.

For example, Jane rents or borrows a car to go visit a client and causes a wreck on the way to her client’s home or office. The people she hit are going to try to get Jane’s company to pay for the damages because she was doing business related activities at the time of the accident.

Bob the Builder owns a construction company and hires Larry the contractor to come in and install windows in the home that Bob is building. While backing into the driveway to unload the windows, Larry backs into the client’s new Mercedes. On impact, one of the windows falls out of the back of the truck and knocks the client in the head. When the client wakes up, he is going to sue and Bob the Builder’s hired and non-owned auto coverage would kick in and protect his company.

Sue owns a restaurant and has an employee run to Walmart to pick up lettuce because they ran out. On the way to Walmart, the employee causes an accident. Because the employee was performing work related duties, the people who were hit can look to the restaurant for payment for the damages. Sue’s hired and non-owned liability would cover at this point.


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