The Law of Oklahoma….

Did you know that Oklahoma has some very obscure laws? They’re quite weird if you ask me. It makes me wonder, what was the reasoning behind some of these laws that we have now?  Lawmakers now days, have many hoops to go through before a law is passed. The people get a vote and we make the decision to allow a law to be passed or not.

Did you know that in Oklahoma, there is a law that says the state of Oklahoma will NOT tolerate anyone taking a bite out of another’s hamburger? What?!?!  Now, as someone who does not like to share food, this law works in my favor. It makes me wonder what is the story behind this law.

Another law in Ada, Oklahoma states that if a person wears New York Jets clothing, they may be put in jail! That seems a bit extreme for not wanting someone to wear a particular team’s clothing. Don’t people like to wear their favorite team’s clothing? How will we announce who our favorite team is if we can’t wear the clothing?! Again, I wonder what happened that people needed to make this law a law.

And finally, there is a law in this great state of Oklahoma that says cars must be tethered outside of public buildings. Huh?! Not sure how my insurance agent would feel about that, if he knew that my car was tethered to two or more other vehicles. I bet our auto insurance would be even more expensive than it already is. Oklahoma Auto Insurance would probably have to have some minor changes to the policies. Once again, I’m left scratching my head and wondering, “What in the world were these law makers thinking?!?!”


Do you know of any weird and/or strange laws that Oklahoma has in place?


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