Shredding Event Huge Success! Thank You Rogers County!

Check Out Your Local Value News

Check Out Your Local Value News

Shred Day 2013
Our RCI Insurance Group Shredding Event this past Saturday was a huge success! Thank you Rogers County! Here are some hints to further protect your identity.
1. Never click on email coming from the IRS. They WILL NOT email you.
2. Make sure all financial services documents mask SS#s whenever possible.
3. Sign up for credit bureau monitoring from each of the 3 credit aencies.
4. Never ignore an IRS notice. Such correspondence often indicates unauthorized use of your identity and account.
5. Always store Social Security cards in a safe location.
6. Never discard documents with SSNs without shredding
7. Resist company requests to provide SSNs unless totally necessary
8. Store sensitive documents in a locked file or safe
9. Use firewalls and anti-spam/virus software


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