Claremore Mourns the Loss of Mayor

Mickey with family putting up signs for the upcoming election.

Mickey with family putting up signs for the upcoming election.

This morning I received sad news that the Mayor of Claremore, and dear friend, Mickey Perry has passed away.  At the age of 66, Mickey passed away from a heartattack last night.  Honestly I am shocked, as most people who knew him would be. It was only a week ago my husband had to pull him out of our driveway, because it was too slick for him to get back up the slope (getting stuck was a result of him not listening to his daughter who told him not to go down there).  Nevertheless, I feel the need to reminisce about this great man.

Mickey and family after recieving his Citizen of the Year award.

Mickey and family after recieving his Citizen of the Year award.

Mickey has been serving the Rogers County area for decades now. He began as a patrol officer, then he worked for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, and eventually was promoted as the Chief of Police. Mickey retired as Chief of police at the beginning of 2011, but that would not be the last we seen of him. By April, Mickey had been elected as Mayor to the City of Claremore. Throughout his career he was also involved in other community events like the Special Olympics and “Share the Spirit”  which delivers food and gifts to those in need around the holidays. In 2012 Mickey was named as “The Citizen of the Year” by the Claremore Progress, and just this past Saturday he was inducted into the Law Enforcement Hall of Fame.

Mickey with daughter Jennifer after being inducted into the Law Enforcement Hall of Fame

Mickey with daughter Jennifer after being inducted into the Law Enforcement Hall of Fame

Anyone who knew Mickey knows that no job or title he has held was as important to him as the role of husband, father, and grandfather. Mickey’s daughter became my aunt about a decade ago, and with that he became a part of my family. Mickey was so wonderful to me! Such a sweetheart. It was Mickey who pulled a few strings (or a lot of strings) to help me cross my number one item off my bucket list. Because of Mickey I got to meet Garth Brooks while on a trip to Vegas! I cannot explain to you how happy I was! Turns out Mickey was just as excited for me he could hardly stand it. He called my Aunt first thing the following morning to see if I had called to tell her all about it. Mickey, his wife, and I met for lunch when I got home so I could fill him in on all the details.

Mickey Perry was one of the most giving, thoughtful, and respected people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Not only will your family and friends miss you Mickey, but you will be missed by an entire community.


John 3:16 Mission Donation

RCI Insurance recently donated 232 Thanksgiving dinners to the John 3:16 Mission of Tulsa.

The John 3:16 Mission works to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of Tulsa’s hungry and homeless. Located in downtown Tulsa, Okla., the Mission provides food, shelter, clothing and restorative programs to those in need. Since its founding in 1952, the Mission has served in excess of 4 million meals and provided over 1 million individual shelters to the homeless.


John 316 Mission

Cutest Costume Contest

Cason the FiremanRCI Insurance is having a photo contest for the “Cutest” Halloween Costume to enter please:

  1. Email your photo to
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The winner will be the photo with the most “Likes” by the 8th of November.

Photos will be uploaded November 1st but will continue  being posted until the last day of the contest (November 8th). The earlier the better, because there is more time to get “Likes”.


Family 4 Pack of Tickets to the Tulsa Zoo


  • 2 Adult Admission Tickets
  • 2 Child Admission Tickets
  • 4 Train Tickets
  • Zoo Themed Stuffed Animal


My Teacher Rocks! September Winners!

Congratulations to our September winners:

Mrs. Woods from Verdigris Lower Elementary and her student Ciara Daniel. Mrs. Woods won a $50 Visa Gift Card and Ciara won a $10 Cherry Berry Gift Card and is entered to win the Grand Prize Drawing in December for a Kindle Fire.

Ciarra and Mrs. Woods

Ciara’s Essay
Ciara Daniel Mrs. Woods

Mrs. Armstrong from Sequoyah Lower Elementary and her student Kaylee Sabharwall. Mrs. Armstrong won a $50 Visa Gift Card and Kaylee won a $10 Cherry Berry Gift Card and is entered to win the Grand Prize Drawing in December for a Kindle Fire.

Kaylee and Mrs. Armstrong

Kaylee’s Essay
Kaylee Sabharwall Mrs Armstrong

We want to thank all of the students that submitted essays this month (89 Essays)! Remember we pick two winners each month, so be sure to get your essays submitted by the 25th for another chance to win!

For Rules, Regulations and Entry Forms please visit:

My Teacher Rocks

My Teacher Rocks

My teacher rocks TV
RCI Insurance is revamping it’s Why I Like My Teacher Contest this year and giving it a Rocking new look! Starting this September 2013 RCI Insurance will pick two teachers from the local Rogers County schools, who’s students submit a hand written essay about them. Each teacher will win a $50 Visa Gift Card.
The student will receive a $10 Cherry Berry gift card for writing the essay that won their favorite teacher the $50 Visa!
cherry berry
In December and April there will be a GRAND PRIZE drawing for all of the students who submitted essays throughout the school year, that student will win a Kindle Fire HD!

Here are some of last school year’s winners:
Mrs. Duff & Jayden White-001<
Seth Ketterling Mrs Owens
photo 4

For more photos please visit our Facebook Page

Shredding Event Huge Success! Thank You Rogers County!

Check Out Your Local Value News

Check Out Your Local Value News

Shred Day 2013
Our RCI Insurance Group Shredding Event this past Saturday was a huge success! Thank you Rogers County! Here are some hints to further protect your identity.
1. Never click on email coming from the IRS. They WILL NOT email you.
2. Make sure all financial services documents mask SS#s whenever possible.
3. Sign up for credit bureau monitoring from each of the 3 credit aencies.
4. Never ignore an IRS notice. Such correspondence often indicates unauthorized use of your identity and account.
5. Always store Social Security cards in a safe location.
6. Never discard documents with SSNs without shredding
7. Resist company requests to provide SSNs unless totally necessary
8. Store sensitive documents in a locked file or safe
9. Use firewalls and anti-spam/virus software

The Law of Oklahoma….

Did you know that Oklahoma has some very obscure laws? They’re quite weird if you ask me. It makes me wonder, what was the reasoning behind some of these laws that we have now?  Lawmakers now days, have many hoops to go through before a law is passed. The people get a vote and we make the decision to allow a law to be passed or not.

Did you know that in Oklahoma, there is a law that says the state of Oklahoma will NOT tolerate anyone taking a bite out of another’s hamburger? What?!?!  Now, as someone who does not like to share food, this law works in my favor. It makes me wonder what is the story behind this law.

Another law in Ada, Oklahoma states that if a person wears New York Jets clothing, they may be put in jail! That seems a bit extreme for not wanting someone to wear a particular team’s clothing. Don’t people like to wear their favorite team’s clothing? How will we announce who our favorite team is if we can’t wear the clothing?! Again, I wonder what happened that people needed to make this law a law.

And finally, there is a law in this great state of Oklahoma that says cars must be tethered outside of public buildings. Huh?! Not sure how my insurance agent would feel about that, if he knew that my car was tethered to two or more other vehicles. I bet our auto insurance would be even more expensive than it already is. Oklahoma Auto Insurance would probably have to have some minor changes to the policies. Once again, I’m left scratching my head and wondering, “What in the world were these law makers thinking?!?!”


Do you know of any weird and/or strange laws that Oklahoma has in place?