It’s the Apocalypse, wait its just Snow.

Sitting here today as Oklahoma weather shows it’s ugly face, and everyone preps as if the zombie apocalypse is about to occur, you know rushing to the grocery store fighting over bread and milk.  Nevertheless I thought since everyone else was stocking their cabinets with food and supplies I would prep you all with some winter driving tips!

RCI Snowy Vehicle

Winter Weather Driving Tips from The Weather Channel:

1. Make sure both you and your vehicle are properly equipped to handle the roads and the weather. My husband laughs at me because when the weather rolls around I put snacks & blankets in my car. I don’t want to starve or freeze to death! I think the amusing part here is that we do not live in Montana where you go MILES without seeing anything or anyone. Bottom line here, dress accordingly and be prepared for anything.

2. Slow down & drive smoothly. Speeding to get out of the weather is not going to help anyone. Patience is a virtue (I am not saying I have much of one myself), but driving slower and being more cautious is going to be your saving grace.  Keep your lane changes to a minimum, and do not lay on your brakes.

3. Do Not Tailgate. Obvious as it may be tailgating provides a ton of accidents and claims.  I also know that driving on a busy road makes tailgating hard to avoid.  If you leave too much space between you and the car in front of you other drivers jump right in. Stop and go traffic is the worst. A fender bender in the freezing rain and snow is not the way you want to spend your time. These fender benders are so frequent when roads wet or icy some cities run programs like Tulsa’s “Operation Slick Streets” which means that officers will not respond to non-injury accidents. They suggest you exchange insurance information and if you are close to a Quick Trip you can pick up a collision report to fill out.

4. Do Not use Cruise Control. Hopefully this will keep your speed down as well as keep you more aware of your surroundings.

5. Pull over or stay home. Of course if you are able to stay home and out of the weather that would be your best bet. If you do have to get out then remember that there is no shame in pulling over or waiting till the weather lightens up before heading on your way.

While working on this I have read on that Tulsa has in fact enacted the “Operation Slick Streets” this means it is getting rough out there. Hopefully everyone has their milk and eggs because as of this morning there was not a lot left. Everyone remember these driving tips and be safe as you head home!


Convenience Store Coverage

A about a week ago, an RCI agent was speaking with a convenience store owner in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Tulsa store owner had recently experienced a rather large loss at his store. A few days before, a driver had pulled into the convenience store parking lot. Driving up to the front of the store, the driver pulled into a parking space. However, instead of stopping the driver drove through the front of the convenience store. After realizing what happen, the driver put the vehicle into reverse and drove off. Not bothering to check and make sure everyone in the store was okay, or exchanging insurance information, or speaking with the store owner regarding the huge damages. This driver had just completed a hit and run. And now the Tulsa convenience store owner was left paying for the damages!


RCI Insurance offers insurance to convenience store owners in the five surrounding states; Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. One thing our commercial agents stress when insuring convenience stores is how to reduce losses on the store’s property. In the story above, if the store owner had invested in parking barriers, chances are the damages to his store would have been much less or not at all.


Look around your store property. Do you have good lighting at night? Is your cash register visible from the parking lot? Do you have parking barriers? What about annual checkups at your store? Is there cooking in the store? If so, is the fire suppression system up to date? These are just a few things that might help protect your property and keep your store in good standing with the insurance companies.


 RCI Insurance can help protect your store and property. We have a special convenience store program. Don’t get caught with large damages and no insurance for your store.  RCI is a local Oklahoma insurance agency with the ability to write insurance for convenience stores in the surrounding states. Let us help make sure your convenience store has the best coverage possible.


Visit our website today at If you would like to get a quote on your Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, or Arkansas convenience store, simply complete the form request on-line or contact our office at 800-753-5797. RCI Insurance will help protect your business and provide you with a sense of security and safety.