RCI helps “Spread the Warmth”

RCI would like to invite all of you to join us in participating in this year’s “Spread the Warmth” blanket drive.

Spread the Warmth
Spread the warmth is an annual event sponsored by Tulsa’s KTUL News Channel 8 and La Mode Cleaners to collect blankets to donate to the homeless. Last year, Spread the Warmth collected over 4,700 blankets to distribute to Tulsans in need. This year’s goal is to collect a minimum of 5,000 blankets.

Such a simple task that so many of us can easily partake in. If you are like me, you probably have a closet full of blankets that rarely get used. This is all it takes. Grab a gently used blanket or a new one and bring it to our office here in Claremore or one of the following locations:

• Any LaMode Cleaner
• KTUL Tulsa’s Channel 8
• Mattress firm, all Tulsa locations including Broken Arrow, Owasso, and Sand Springs
• UniFirst in Broken Arrow
• Lake Country Chevrolet in Muskogee
• Volunteers of America Oklahoma (at either location in Tulsa or Muskogee)

Blankets collected will be distributed by Volunteers of America Oklahoman to places such as Family and Children’s Services, John 3:16, Emergency Infant Services, and many other great organizations that help those in need. The blanket drive ends January 31st. We ask that if you plan on bringing a blanket to our office, bring it no later than the 30th to ensure it gets dropped off in time.  For more information please visit: http://www.voaok.org/Featured-Highlights/Spread-the-Warmth-2.html


It’s the Apocalypse, wait its just Snow.

Sitting here today as Oklahoma weather shows it’s ugly face, and everyone preps as if the zombie apocalypse is about to occur, you know rushing to the grocery store fighting over bread and milk.  Nevertheless I thought since everyone else was stocking their cabinets with food and supplies I would prep you all with some winter driving tips!

RCI Snowy Vehicle

Winter Weather Driving Tips from The Weather Channel:

1. Make sure both you and your vehicle are properly equipped to handle the roads and the weather. My husband laughs at me because when the weather rolls around I put snacks & blankets in my car. I don’t want to starve or freeze to death! I think the amusing part here is that we do not live in Montana where you go MILES without seeing anything or anyone. Bottom line here, dress accordingly and be prepared for anything.

2. Slow down & drive smoothly. Speeding to get out of the weather is not going to help anyone. Patience is a virtue (I am not saying I have much of one myself), but driving slower and being more cautious is going to be your saving grace.  Keep your lane changes to a minimum, and do not lay on your brakes.

3. Do Not Tailgate. Obvious as it may be tailgating provides a ton of accidents and claims.  I also know that driving on a busy road makes tailgating hard to avoid.  If you leave too much space between you and the car in front of you other drivers jump right in. Stop and go traffic is the worst. A fender bender in the freezing rain and snow is not the way you want to spend your time. These fender benders are so frequent when roads wet or icy some cities run programs like Tulsa’s “Operation Slick Streets” which means that officers will not respond to non-injury accidents. They suggest you exchange insurance information and if you are close to a Quick Trip you can pick up a collision report to fill out.

4. Do Not use Cruise Control. Hopefully this will keep your speed down as well as keep you more aware of your surroundings.

5. Pull over or stay home. Of course if you are able to stay home and out of the weather that would be your best bet. If you do have to get out then remember that there is no shame in pulling over or waiting till the weather lightens up before heading on your way.


While working on this I have read on cityoftulsa.org that Tulsa has in fact enacted the “Operation Slick Streets” this means it is getting rough out there. Hopefully everyone has their milk and eggs because as of this morning there was not a lot left. Everyone remember these driving tips and be safe as you head home!

Cutest Costume Contest

Cason the FiremanRCI Insurance is having a photo contest for the “Cutest” Halloween Costume to enter please:

  1. Email your photo to hanna@rci-insurance.com
  2. Like our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/RCIinsurance
  3. Go to the Halloween Costume Contest Album

The winner will be the photo with the most “Likes” by the 8th of November.

Photos will be uploaded November 1st but will continue  being posted until the last day of the contest (November 8th). The earlier the better, because there is more time to get “Likes”.


Family 4 Pack of Tickets to the Tulsa Zoo


  • 2 Adult Admission Tickets
  • 2 Child Admission Tickets
  • 4 Train Tickets
  • Zoo Themed Stuffed Animal


Tulsa State Fair

Let me first start out by saying, WOW!  Can you believe it is almost October?!?! And here in Oklahoma that means, it’s time for the




This year they are kicking off the fair with a 5k and fun run to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Tulsa Area United Way. What awesome organizations to sponsor! This however is unlike any 5k I have ever participated in; it is called the “Corndog Classic” and you can choose to take the “Corndog Challenge” in which at each (3) water stations during the race you eat a corndog, then drink either a beer (21&older) or a lemonade, then it’s time for cotton candy. This sounds like a bad belly ache waiting to happen! But also like a ton of FUN! Plus you get to see the sites of the fair before it even opens!


For entertainment this year the Tulsa State Fair has a great lineup for the Oklahoma Stage, kicking it off September 27th will be Z104.5 The Edge’s Homegroan concert, followed by Randy Houser September 28th, Vertical Horizon September 29th, Eli Young Band September 30th, Jeremy Camp October 1st, Easton Corbin October 2nd, Hot Chelle Rae October 3rd, Theory of a Deadman October 4th, Keith Sweat October 5th, Breathe Carolina October 6th and Midlife Crisis October 7th. See http://www.tulsastatefair.com/ for details.


Another exciting attraction coming to the fair this year is Disney On Ice “Dare to Dream” which is based on the movie Tangled.

And the best part is you have 10 opportunities to make sure you get to go see it:

Thursday, September 27, 7:30pm

Friday, September 28, 10:30am, 3:30pm & 7:30pm

Saturday, September 29, 11:30am, 3:30pm & 7:30pm

Sunday, September 30, 11:30am, 3:30pm & 7:30pm

For more details visit: http://www.tulsastatefair.com/disneyonice/index.cfm

If Disney princess stories on ice aren’t your thing the fair also has a PRCA Rodeo Friday, October 5th and 6th with concerts afterwards both nights!

Friday, October 5th at 7:00pm Jake Owen will perform; this is the concert I am looking forward to the most!

Then Saturday, October 6th at 7:00pm the Randy Rogers Band will perform.

For more information and to buy tickets click here: http://www.tulsastatefair.com/prcarodeo/index.cfm

And last but not least if running while eating a corndog, eating fried everything, ice skating princesses, and concerts aren’t your thing but you have awesome cows, horses or other livestock that you want to show off, come to the fair! The fair is the prime place to show off your award winning livestock! Just make sure that you are insured properly before doing so! For more information on insuring your prize animals and your farm call Amber Helmuth at 918-341-6081 or visit our website: http://www.rci-ins.com/insurance-solutions/business-insurance/farm-and-ranch/ or to find out more about the livestock shows at the fair visit their website: http://www.tulsastatefair.com/index.cfm?id=20.

Win for YOU & Your School

Everyone likes FREE money. Especially when their bills are coming due.  So RCI has decided to add a helping hand. We’ve got a new promotion going for everyone with insurance (and not just with our agency, any agency!).

On September 1, Oklahoma University (OU) has it’s first game of the season against the University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP) at 8:30pm (CST). I don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited football season is just around the corner. Here’s the deal, if the opening kick-off is returned for a touchdown, 25 people will be drawn to win up to $1000 towards their insurance bill AND another $1000 will go to the school of their choice. WOW, you win and your school wins! What an offer.

All it requires is three easy steps:

1. Like us on Facebook at RCI Insurance

2. E-mail us your contact information to hanna@rci-insurance.com

3. Watch the first part of the game to see if YOU AND YOUR SCHOOL could be a winner

If the kick-off is returned for a touchdown, 25 people will be contacted by our office the following Tuesday (since Monday will be a holiday) to tell them they’ve won! We hope it could be you!!

Rules & Regulations for OU vs UTEP Game

  • A “Kick Off” is defined as: A place kick or drop kick that starts each half and extra period and follows each extra point attempt to field goal.
  • Current or former employees, family members, agents, successors, or assignees of the client or any promotional agency involved with this promotion shall be INELIGIBLE to participate.
  • A minimum of two RCI Employees will supervise the event and are responsible for the contestants understanding of the terms and conditions of this promotion.
  • In order to qualify for prize reimbursement, a member of the Receiving team must return an eligible Kick Off at the start of the game. The ONLY Kick off eligible for this promotion is the opening Kick off.
  • A Kick off returned for a touchdown must be scored as such in the official box score. A Kick off returned for a touchdown and nullified by a penalty is ineligible and will not be considered for prize reimbursement.
  • The eligibility of any Kick off returned for a touchdown is subject to the NFHS, NCAA, and/or NFL rules of football.
  • Winners will be notified by telephone on Tuesday, September 4th.
  • Winners will be drawn from following rules: Like RCI Insurance on Facebook AND e-mail hanna@rci-insurance.com with contact information.
  • Winners may present a copy of their current and unpaid insurance bill. RCI Insurance will pay up to $1000 towards that bill only (only eligible for one bill to be paid).
  • Winners will also notify RCI Insurance which school they wish to have the other $1000 donated.
  • RCI Insurance will not use the contact information submitted for this promotion as a way to sell you insurance.
  • Must be over 18 to participate in promotion
  • You do not have to be a client to win
  • RCI Insurance is not responsible if the law says you can’t win due to age or anything else.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider….

Spiders are everywhere! Our no winter and extremely warm summer have made the spiders a serious matter of concern this year. Brown recluse spiders are definitely not what I would want to find anywhere inside my home.  Unfortunately, they’re finding new places to find water and rest. According to a local news station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, these eight-legged creatures are finding a new spot to hide out, the bathroom.  The porcelain throne is a cool place and spiders can actually get a drink of water from it.

Spider bites can be very dangerous if not caught right away or many bites on your body or you have a serious reaction to their venom.  Especially brown recluse spiders, their poison has been known to cause skin irritation, possible disfigurement, or in extreme rare cases they can cause death.  YIKES! I thought I’d spare you and not post pictures of these bites. Since I have a weak stomach, I don’t want to look at these pictures and figure out which are not too graphic yet still show the dangers of these bites.  (I’m sure you can find some pictures on-line if you really wanted to see the aftermath of a brown recluse spider bite. It’s not pretty.)

One year, we did have a claim turned in regarding brown recluse bites.  A man had been hired to work for a hotel. In exchange for part of his pay, he was given free room and board. However, there was a nest of brown recluse spiders that also resided in that same room. Needless to say, the man had several bites and the medical bills were outrageous! The pictures were just awful.

It would definitely be a plus to have an Oklahoma Health Insurance policy should you find a spider bite on you or one of your family members.  Doctor visits, ER visits, antibiotics, or any other health related issues that may arise from a spider bite can get quite expensive. You can find some financial relief with having the right health insurance in place before something like this happened.

How much Insurance is too much?

Oklahoma Auto insurance is one of those things that you can never really have too much of. If you don’t have it, or don’t have enough, a significant accident could leave you with thousands of dollars’ worth of bills to pay. That type of calamity could bankrupt just about anyone. Minimum coverage, while satisfying state laws for auto insurance, is a bad idea for many financial reasons.

If you choose to get minimum automobile insurance coverage, you are probably worried about the monthly bill. The problem with minimum coverage however, is that while you may be saving a more money each month, if you get into a major accident and are at fault, the money your insurance company pays will be capped at a certain point, and all costs above that coverage maximum will be your responsibility to pay. If the person you’ve injured has huge medical bills, you’ll be responsible for them after your insurance coverage has been exhausted.

One our agents recently told us this story, I thought it might help explain what I’m talking about a little better.

 A couple of years ago one of my friends had asked me to quote their car insurance.  I did quote their insurance but I raised the coverage and tried to explain that if a serious accident were to occur they would need the insurance company to pay more on their behalf.  My friend decided to save the few extra dollars that it was going to cost.  Just last month my friend’s daughter caused an accident.  There have been two surgeries and a hospital stay to the other party to go along with the vehicle they were driving.  If you know anything about medical bills these days you know that a minimum coverage policy is not going to pay for all that damage.  Now my friends are looking at having to pay the rest of that amount out of their pocket.  The thousands they could end up paying will certainly put a financial hardship on their family.

Minimum coverage is a bad idea not just for financial reasons, but for ethical reasons as well. If you have minimal coverage, and you’re responsible for an accident that costs thousands of dollars to another person and can’t pay for any of it, you’ve burdened another person with huge debt.

To learn more about your insurance coverage and if you have the right amount of coverage not just for your auto insurance, but also for your home, health, and life, visit our Free Protection Report website.